Steve's new book

 "I was Naked On The Roof But The Cat Was OK!"




I Was Naked On The Roof, But The Cat Was OK! By Steve Scearcy is 170 pages of FUN!


Homespun stories chronicle the life and times of a guy that, well, things happen to. Like the time he really did find himself naked on the roof saving the cat.

Welcome to the strange and very funny world of Steve Scearcy.

His wife Missy may read to you from a children’s book about farting dogs. His dog Nelly, who eats crayons and eliminates them as colorful stalagmites, may decorate the yard in your honor. Phantom, the black snake that lives in the basement, may honor you with one of his chaos-inducing appearances. Kitty Kitty Meow Meow, the notorious cat, may try and lure you onto the roof.  I Was Naked On The Roof, But The Cat Was OK! is delightfully funny and, at times, inspiring, as we are privy to the life and times of a funny man with a big heart.



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The Chicken Ate My Homework celebrate America’s favorite bird—the chicken. Steve Scearcy spent much of his youth on a Midwest chicken farm with a grandmother who was a great cook and storyteller. Steve, a storyteller in his own right, has plucked those experiences to come up with a hilarious cook book.  The Chicken Ate My Homework is 177 pages full of funny stories, cartoons, and chicken recipes.  It is pure entrainment for cooks and non-cooks alike. The kitchen should be a place for the perfect combination of food and laughter. Comedian Jeff Foxworthy raved: “I sure wish I had known Steve’s grandmother. She would have made me laugh and fed me delicious food!”


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AUDIO BOOK! There is something about the holiday season that makes holiday stories as necessary as candy canes and pumpkin pie! The great telling of a holiday story is as traditional as Tiny Tim himself. Steve has created two new modern holiday tales that are fun and guaranteed to help trim your holiday season. If your Christmas includes miles in a car or hours in front of a fire, this CD could be a new tradition.


Steve’s Christmas CD includes two short stories:


"The Perfect Christmas," tells the tale of a small church that is attempting once more to present the holiday pageant but this year there is a character playing a role that was not in the script.


"Christmas At the Paradise Nail Salon" introduces us to a woman, burned out on her career.  Through a chance meeting she discovers that doing nails does matter and may be much more important than she ever thought.


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